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Follow our pre-built training programs anytime, anywhere through the Activ8 app. Choose the right training program for you to help you reach your goals.


Follow our pre-built training programs anytime, anywhere through the Activ8 app. Choose the right training program for you to help you reach your goals.

D1 Athlete

The summer packet of a D1 athlete at a Power 5 school is a hefty thing. At the beginning of the summer I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the prospect of it all! I gave my packet to Activ8 with a cry for help! They not only helped me achieve all of my teams fitness standards but have one of the highest scoring Yo-Yo scores on the team! I could not have done it without them and am definitely coming back next summer!!

– Raleigh L.

Retired NFL Player

I have trained at Activ8 Athleticism for over two years now. Being an NFL player I have been to a lot of training places around San Diego and nothing comes close to Activ8. The personal trainers, especially TJ, at Activ8 will do anything to make you a better athlete, get you in shape, lose fat, and everything in between. They take their time to show you the right technique on everything you do. Whether that is running sprints, lifting weights, jumping or any activity that consists of your workout program. Their facility, weights, training equipment, turf field are all in great shape and make the experience of working out a lot more enjoyable. I would recommend Activ8 Athleticism to anyone who enjoys to work out or even those who don’t like to work out, because not only do you get a great sweat you get to have the presence of great company and great personal trainers. It doesn’t matter if you play a professional sport, high school sport, college sport, someone off the street, or don’t play sports at all this place is San Diego’s best athletic training facility.

– Mitch V.


I was chronically injured before I started working with TJ a few years ago. He has reformed the way that I train and approach fitness so that I am more efficient, push harder and understand my body mechanics to avoid future injury. I can honestly say that training at Activ8 has been one of the best investments I have made.

– Naomi S.

High School Golf Athlete

Ever since joining Activ8 four years ago I’ve noticed huge gains in my strength, conditioning, and all around athletic ability. All of the instructors know exactly what they are doing and talking about, and they are all very nice and are comfortable in the environment they are teaching in. It is an all around great experience every time I come to workout.

– Vinny F.

Mother of 2

Love these guys! I graduated out of PT for my bad knee but still wasn’t able to run/workout as much as I wanted to. Activ8 got me to a point where I can actually run as far as my lungs will take me w/out any knee pain! Also, I’m 6months pregnant now, they’ve even worked out a safe but still awesome program for that too!

– Eileen C.

Retired Marine

When retired last year from 24 years of service in the military. There was a feeling to continue with my human performance training that I conducted while in to assist with my injuries. From shopping around and going to other gyms i went to Activ8 and it has been the best place for me to stay competitive as an athlete and to maintain strength, flexibility, endurance. With a one on one workout per week with a trained performance specialist it has helped me to continue with my golf game being able to walk three rounds per week while maintaining focus on my golf game and not being tired. Whatever it is your looking for in training or being an athlete or getting that competitive edge i 100% recomend Activ8 for their professional training and knowledge when it comes to you and your specific training requirements.

– Click W.

Activ8’s Founder, TJ Moreno, was concerned over the amount of preventable injuries encountered on the field. This observation led TJ to pursue a new offering in sports performance – a way to maximize performance, prevent injury, and increase longevity.

Activ8 has been training athletes for over 10 years in Carlsbad, California. The approach is simple yet innovative: create custom programs based on specialized assessments in order to maintain the long term health and safety of athletes. Applying this methodology allows athletes to efficiently and consistently push their boundaries and break through performance barriers. 

A decade later the Activ8 team continues to transform athletes by placing their needs first. The expert team of technicians and specialists on staff  are here to match every client’s passion to become the athletes they envision. The Activ8 team consists of backgrounds in physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning ensuring safety and optimal performance in all training curriculums.

We are now offering an affordable option to train with us, outside of our facility.